Ivanka Trump copies Beyoncé & Jay-Z by posing in front of Mona Lisa on festive Paris break

When Donald proposed, the first lady was given a stunning diamond engagement ring with a whopping price tag, Tobias Kormind, managing director of 77Diamonds.com, explained.

He told Express.co.uk: “When Melania Trump got engaged in 2005, Donald Trump bought her a 15 carat, D Flawless, emerald cut diamond ring from Graff which would today retail for $3m which is around £2.3m.

“At the time, Trump hit the headlines for claiming he had enjoyed a 50 precent discount. Graff was later quoted saying ‘We don’t sell items for publicity value’.”

If the pricey ring wasn’t enough, Donald later upgraded the jewel as a present for his wife. Tobias said: “A decade later on their 10th anniversary, Donald Trump upgraded the size of Melania’s ring to a 25 carat diamond, also from Graff – this is the ring Melania decided to wear in her official White House portrait.

“That 10th anniversary ring would today retail for $3.5m or £2.7m – it is significantly larger than Melania’s original engagement ring but it is not D Flawless, which is the top and most coveted diamond quality in existence.” This means the engagement ring could now be worth an eye-watering £3million.

source: express.co.uk