EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Mitchell gives baby up for adoption as cryptic clue dropped?

The lives of several EastEnders residents were changed tonight when Kenau Taylor (played by Danny Walter) and Sharon Mitchell’s (Letitia Dean) affair was exposed. In a showdown which will become iconic, Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) confronted his cheating wife and during the explosive argument, Sharon wasted no time in telling him her thoughts about being pregnant. With Phil not wanting anything to do with her anymore and the baby’s father, Keanu suddenly vanishing, Sharon is now alone – will she give the child up for adoption once it’s born? 

Last night’s episode of the BBC One soap was full of drama as viewers tuned in to see the storyline which has been slowly bubbling under the surface erupt. 

It began when Phil had ordered his children to head off to family friend’s houses leaving just him and Sharon in the house. 

And he wasted no time in asking her outright exactly what she has been up to for the last year and a half. 

“I chose you Phil,” Sharon argued suggesting she stopped the affair with Keanu to save her marriage. 

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Because he traded up!” Phil jibed in reference to Keanu choosing Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper) over Sharon. 

“I will always choose you. I didn’t want his baby, I didn’t want any baby! But when I thought when it could be yours and when I saw how happy you were,” Sharon explained through tears. 

And this revelation only tipped Phil over the edge, exploding with rage he bellowed: “But it weren’t mine, Sharon, was it? It weren’t mine!” 

“Please Phil don’t!” His wife begged but he was clearly distraught. 

Walking over to the Christmas tree, he picked up a present and began ripping off the paper, inside was a small teddy bear which he was going to give to his baby. 

“I thought I meant something, we meant something,” Phil whimpered. 

Trying everything she could to salvage her relationship with Phil, Sharon stated: “We’ve been here before with Grant, Cathy, Shirley and Jack,” referring to the many times the pair of them have cheated on one another and still remained together. 

“Me and you we go round in circles, but we always come back to us,” she continued. 

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“I trusted you the most, when I nearly died – you were there for me. When I lost my mum – you was there for me. You say that I don’t stay, but I do,” Phil replied. 

“I love you Sharon and only you. I haven’t got my brother, my mum, if I haven’t got you…” 

“It was a mistake a stupid mistake, Phil we can get through this, leave here, go to Portugal. Please, please Phil,” Sharon said. 

Thinking he had accepted her suggestion to run away from the Square, Phil then flipped and the iconic hard-man personality shone. 

“Sharon, did you really think I would take you back?” He belittled. “Forgive you? Pretend none of this would happen? 

“I’ve already changed my will, I’ve already started divorce proceedings with Richie. You are getting nothing, nothing! Except the clothes you can hardly keep on your back.” 

“We can sort this all through,” Sharon remarked, naive to the extent her actions had hurt Phil. 

Now alone, with no one and nothing, Sharon may think twice about bringing up a baby on her own. 

EastEnders returns tomorrow evening on BBC One. 

source: express.co.uk