Amazon Echo not working as Alexa suffers from outage affecting hundreds

Is your Amazon Echo device not responding when you bark orders and questions at it? Well it seems you might not be alone. That’s because independent outage monitor Downdetector has registered over 230 reports at one time from Amazon Echo owners claiming their device is not working properly this morning. An outage map on the site showed the UK and other European territories like Germany and Belgium to be affected most by the issues plaguing Alexa.

A number of Echo owners have taken to Twitter to describe the issue in question. It seems the outage is preventing Alexa from responding at all when it’s asked questions or issued commands.

Discussing the issue, one Echo owner said: “Anyone having trouble with their Amazon Echo this morning? Mine is unresponsive.”

Another wrote: “Is Alexa down? None of my Alexa devices work. Internet checked and is fine.”

A third declared: “My Echo dot no long accepts commands to start routines. Also says having trouble connecting to internet sometimes.”

Responding to one Echo owner on Twitter, Amazon’s Help account suggested users try restarting their device in an attempt to restore its functionality.

The scale of the Alexa outage is currently unclear. However Downdetector has registered over 200 reports of such an issue for over an hour at the time of writing.

Of course, will keep you updated with the latest server status for Alexa.