Nintendo Instagram Photo Triggers Splatoon 3 Freakout

If you woke up this morning, checked Twitter (sorry), and saw that Splatoon 3 was a top trending topic, you might have wondered if Nintendo was delivering an inky Christmas miracle. Sadly for squid lovers, it was all just a big misunderstanding.

It started with a simple post:

Where is Marina indeed? The mystery of this teal-loving Octoling led fans to start speculating. Could she be on tour? Recording a new album?


This led to feverish speculation all morning as fans wondered if Nintendo would really tease a third Splatoon game on Christmas Eve. Splatoon 2 came out in the summer of 2017, so it does seem like next year would be an ample time for a sequel. Could it be???? Is Marina off making Splatoon 3???

Oh, wait.

lol whoops. Merry Christmas, Splatoon fans.