NASA Moon landing: NASA chief teases 'wait till you see what we do in 2020'

“While the Artemis program came into sharp focus this year, NASA continued to show what leading in space exploration is all about, whether it was kicking off 2019 with New Horizons’ historic Kuiper Belt object flyby, conducting the first all-woman spacewalk outside the International Space Station, or developing the first flying robotic explorer to study Saturn’s moon Titan. And wait until you see what we do in 2020.”

Building on the legacy of the Apollo programme from the 1960s and 1970s, NASA’s Artemis aims to permanently settle the Moon by 2028.

Towards this goal, NASA is developing technology and science that will facilitate a new age of deep space exploration.

Mr Bridenstine said: “Throughout this year, as I have visited each of our centres, I have personally witnessed their unparalleled commitment to accomplishing our mission.