Best supplements for weight loss: Extract from a popular tea could help you lose weight

Supplements are available without a prescription and usually come in a pill, powder or liquid form. Common supplements include vitamins, minerals and herbal products, also known as botanicals. People take these supplements to make sure they get enough essential nutrients and to maintain or improve their health. Taking supplements to help with weight loss is feasible, the question is which one’s have been backed by science?

The health benefits of green tea extract include promoting heart, liver and brain health to improving the skin and even reducing the risk of cancer.

What’s more, many studies have looked at green tea extract’s ability to aid weight loss.

In fact, many weight loss products list green tea extract as a key ingredient.


How green tea extracts could help with weight loss

Green tea extract is rich in catechins and it contains a decent amount of caffeine.

The combination of these two ingredients is responsible for it’s weight loss properties.

In a study with the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, the effects of encapsulated green tea extracts and its effect on fat oxidation in men was analysed.

Study participants ingested a capsule of placebo or capsules containing caffeine and green tea extract.

The study concluded that these ingredients could help with weight loss. 

Another study showed that 10 healthy men burned 4 percent more calories during the 24 hours after consuming a green tea extract capsule containing 50mg of caffeine and 90mg of EGCG. 

Other health benefits of green tea extracts include helping with liver function, reducing risk of cancer, helping with exercise performance and recovery, lowering blood sugar, promoting heart health and good for the brain.

It’s important to speak with your GP before embarking on any new supplements to help with weight loss.