The Witcher 3 has as many players as Red Dead Redemption 2 on Steam

While Geralt has been getting into trouble and ruining all of his clothes in Netflix’s The Witcher, his digital counterpart has also been going on his fair share of adventures. Presumably spurred on by the TV show, around 30,000 people are playing The Witcher 3  on Steam right now, with a peak of around 50,000. That’s the same as Red Dead Redemption 2.

Steam Charts and SteamDB don’t agree on the exact number, but they both report a significant jump over the last week and one of the highest player counts since it launched. Not bad for a game that came out nearly five years ago (yes, that long), especially one that doesn’t have any multiplayer. GTA 5, which launched on PC just before The Witcher 3, boasts even more players, but it has the advantage of GTA Online and never seems to leave the Steam charts.