TalkTalk broadband deals could save you over £400 compared to BT

TalkTalk is offering huge new deals on home broadband packages that undercut the competition – with huge discounts on two-year deals that’ll boost you through Christmas and into 2020.

The network’s SuperFast Fibre Broadband is now just £21.95 for 24-months – that’s an almost £20 per month saving from the standard price of £41 per month, and a saving of £457.20 over the course of both years.

That price makes SuperFast Fibre the same price as the standard Faster Fibre Broadband package but with almost double the speeds – so you really would be mad to miss out. 

That means you can get totally unlimited usage and average speeds of 67Mbs, along with free setup and no upfront costs. TalkTalk also guarantees no price increases throughout the contract either, which means you won’t have to worry about nasty surprises.

• Superfast Fibre on TalkTalk | 24-months | Average speed 67Mb | £21.95 a month (no upfront cost)

For context, that undercuts closest competitor EE by £229.20 over the course of a two-year contract – when using their comparable Fibre Plus Broadband which is £28 per month for 18-months and then £42 per month afterwards.

Then there’s BT, which works out to be £442.95 more expensive – with their comparable Superfast Fibre 2 retailing for £39.99 per month over two years. 

While you’d be mad to go with the slower connection for the same cost, Faster Fibre still ranks cheaper than TalkTalk’s rivals for similar connection speeds.

The 38Mb connection comes in £127.20 cheaper than EE’s bundle, while Virgin Media is undercut by a whopping £372.20 – although that doesn’t take into account Virgin’s recent deals (which you can find here).

• Faster Fibre on TalkTalk | 24-months | Average speed 38Mb | £21.95 a month (no upfront cost)

One thing is for certain – with so many great deals around on broadband bundles, the clear winner is the consumer.

Whichever bundle you opt for, you’ll get the Wi-Fi Hub – TalkTalk’s most reliable wi-Fi signal yet. If it doesn’t work out, TalkTalk lets you cancel after 30-days, which means if you’re in the market for a new broadband provider you may as well test them out!

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