Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure: How to play with your Buddy for easy hearts

Niantic has made it pretty easy to earn hearts in its new Pokemon Go Buddy Adventure system.

Released last week as part of a new update, your Pokemon Go Buddy can now do a lot more, including following you around the map.

The new system is very much like the one found for Friends in Pokemon Go and it comes with its own set of rewards for those who play the game a lot.

The two main points of the Buddy System that Trainers will be keeping an eye on is accessing new levels to unlock perks and keeping their Buddy’s mood high.

By improving your Pokemon Go Buddy’s mood, you will get the chance to boost your relationship level more during each day.

And the best way to level up your Pokemon Go Buddy level is by earning hearts, which can be achieved by completing daily tasks with your Buddy.

And one of the easiest of them all to perform is also the easiest thing that can be done each day for all Trainers.


While some of the activities you can perform are more time consuming, playing with your Buddy in Pokemon Go will only take a sec.

The big level bonuses are earned when your Pokemon is in the best mood possible, which can be achieved through feeding it and performing daily activities.

Interacting with your buddy improves their Mood and your buddy’s Mood is determined by how frequently and recently you’ve interacted with them.

Moods decrease over time, so you’ll need to keep interacting with your buddy to keep their Mood up.

As you interact with your Buddy, you’ll earn Affection hearts and improve your buddy’s Mood, a measure of how happy your Buddy feels. By earning Affection hearts, you will also increase your Buddy Level.

So by improving your buddy’s Mood and reaching higher Buddy Levels, you’ll unlock special perks as recognition of the meaningful bond you’ve created with your buddy.

One of these activities that improve your Buddy stats is by Playing with it in Pokemon Go. It can be found listed among others, such as walking with your Buddy.

Each time you engage in a listed activity with your buddy, the hearts will turn from gray to pink, indicating you’ve earned a heart in that category. When all the hearts next to an activity turn pink, you can no longer earn hearts for that activity until the daily heart counter resets at midnight, local time.

To play with your Buddy in Pokemon Go, you will need to have AR Mode switched on, which some Trainers keep off to make battles more system.

When this is on, you can click on your Buddy Pokemon icon, followed by clicking on your Buddy Pokemon directly.

This will bring you to your Buddy Tracking screen, which confirms the daily activities performed that day. To play with your Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you just need to click on the big play button found underneath it.

This will bring you to the AR screen and you will then need to find a flat surface so that your Pokemon can appear. After this is done, you then need to rub your Pokemon left and right until a heart appears on the screen.

This is a one-heart activity, meaning you can only perform once each day. That is unless your can boost your Buddy Pokemon into an “Excited” mood.

According to Niantic, if you can reach the level 5 mood, this increases the number of possible Affection hearts you can earn that day.

While your buddy is Excited, you’ll see double heart icons next to each activity. The walking distance required to collect a Candy will also be reduced while your buddy is Excited.

So the more stuff you do, the easier it will be to earn those hearts and bring your Buddy level up. And unlike your buddy’s Mood, Buddy Levels don’t decrease over time and much like Friendship Levels, each Buddy Level unlocks special perks.

Here’s why it’s worth unlocking those new levels in Pokemon Go:

source: express.co.uk