Melania Trump news: How will Melania and Donald Trump celebrate Christmas?

Melania Trump will spend Christmas 2019 with Donald Trump in the White House, as Democrats in the House of Representatives work to expel the US President from office. While the couple will likely spend Christmas Day as a family, preparing for the day is a duty which has fallen to Melania Trump, who as FLOTUS decided on the White House Christmas theme.

How will Melania and Donald Trump celebrate Christmas?

To kick off the Christmas season this year Melania and Donald Trump attended the national tree-lighting ceremony.

The ceremony took place on December 5 and saw the President light the National Christmas Tree, a striking decorated evergreen fir located in the northeast quadrant of the President’s Park.

President Trump delivered a speech before lighting the tree, a tradition which started with Franklin D Roosevelt in 1934.

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Since then, Melania Trump has been busy preparing the White House for the festive season with decorations and chosen theme.

For their third Christmas, the First Family is celebrating “The Spirit of America”.

Melania Trump has adorned the White House and its tree with decorations which celebrate “the courageous individuals who have shaped our country and kept the American spirit alive.”

Speaking about her choice, the FLOTUS said people she met when travelling the country had inspired her.

Before Christmas Day, the Trumps will attend an annual midnight mass.

The family has allegedly attended mass since before Mr Trump became President and each year since he took office.

On Christmas Day itself, Donald and Melania Trump will likely spend time with their son, Barron Trump.

While the President is yet to confirm, children from other marriages and grandchildren may also visit.

Earlier this week, the President granted federal employees the day off on Christmas Eve for the second year running.

He signed an executive order excusing them on December 24 with full pay, but said some employees might have to report for duty if department heads determined it was necessary for “reasons of national security, defence, or other public need”.

Mr Trump’s decision is a rare one for US Presidents, who have historically kept employees at work if Christmas falls on a Tuesday.

This year marks the second time the President has granted federal employees a day off before the holiday.