Catherine Tyldesley weight loss: Actress used simple diet plan to drop from size 22 to 8

“I was terrified of it. I was much bigger, so I didn’t have the confidence.

“Doing this show is a huge thing for me, but at the same time it’s liberating.”

Previously, Catherine also revealed on Loose Women that she would have considered a gastric band as a teenager due to her huge size but was encouraged instead to create a healthy well-balanced lifestyle, she said: “If you want to sustain a healthy weight and feel good about yourself then you need to fuel your body with the right food.”

Back in 2018, the Coronation Street actress posted her impressive results from a 12-week fitness programme to her Instagram account.

During the programme, Catherine revealed to have slimmed down to a healthy size 8 through weight training and regular cardio.

During her 12-week training, which she did with Ultimate Performance Fitness in Manchester, the actress spoke out about how the programme not only helped her to gain confidence – and impressive abs – but the plan also helped her to learn more about nutrition, developing habits she wanted to pass on to her son Alfie.