Windows 10 update: Microsoft is finally fixing this frustrating problem with your PC

Microsoft recently released the November 2019 Update for Windows 10 that introduced a number of refinements to the operating system. A few of the most notable were delivered to its File Explorer that, as the name suggests, is used to locate items across your PC. The November 2019 Update brings a new search bar to File Explorer and also allows the tool to sort through files stored in the cloud in addition to those saved locally.

But things certainly aren’t perfect. Since the debut of the latest Windows 10 upgrade, and even with subsequent cumulative updates, many Microsoft users are still reporting problems with the tool’s new search bar.

Essentially, some fans are claiming when searching for items the tool regularly freezes, meaning they need to endure gruelling wait times… if the items are eventually loaded up at all.

Additionally, the November 2019 Update also disables the use of the right-click within File Explorer and doesn’t allow fans to copy and paste text into its search bar.

In fact, one Windows 10 user went so far as to say File Explorer in the November 2019 Update (also referred to as version 1909) is “completely unusable”.

Speaking about the tool last month, they said: “Ever since I updated to Windows 10 1909 the Search Box in the File Explorer is completely unusable. It shows a text cursor but I cannot click inside the box or type any text into it. Essentially it’s a text box with no ‘wiring’.”

Discussing the inability to copy and paste into File Explorer’s new search box, another user wrote: “What happened to Explorer search? Unable to paste the copied file name to search for as it was in previous versions.

“I have to manually type the file name and press Enter. This is terrible! Why does Microsoft only make things worse with each new version?!”

However, it seems Microsoft could soon fix the File Explorer problems that have been troubling Windows 10 users. As noted by Windows Latest, the firm recently rolled out a new preview build for Windows 10 20H1 (the first of two major updates planned for Windows 10 in 2020) that addresses a couple of issues with the tool.

The changelog for the preview build said two issues have been remedied with File Explorer. The first was noted to address a problem where the app would have trouble rendering when using multiple monitors.

The second was said to fix an issue whereby the user was able to “set focus to File Explorer’s search box in order to type your query”.

Additionally, Microsoft also added back the ability to right-click in File Explorer with a different preview build for Windows 10 version 20H1, 19536.

Although the fixes introduced are only currently available in preview builds for the next version of Windows 10, it’s possible Microsoft could bring them to the current November 2019 Update, too.

As noted by Windows Latest, it’s possible this could happen some time in January, 2020. However, this has not been confirmed by Microsoft.

Until the fixes for File Explorer arrive in a stable capacity, users experiencing problems are encouraged to restart Windows Explorer and try opening it again.