A Christmas Carol movies ranked: Top 8 film adaptations of Charles Dickens’ Scrooge

6. A Christmas Carol (2009)

Probably the most famous modern adaptation, Disney’s 3D-animated motion-capture version is pretty impressive.

The Robert Zemeckis-directed feature – which is a pretty faithful one – includes an A-list cast from Gary Oldman and Colin Firth to Bob Hoskins.

While Carrey showed off his talent by starring as not just Scrooge across the years but also all-three Christmas ghosts to boot.

5. A Christmas Carol (1999)

Sir Patrick Stewart’s TV movie followed a run of A Christmas Carol performances by the star on Broadway and in the West End.

Certainly, one of the more frosty incarnations, as the star plays a stern and imposing Scrooge.

source: express.co.uk