Gavin and Stacey: The 5 big questions the Christmas special must answer

Gavin and Stacey has remained one of the most popular sitcoms in recent years. However, after the show only originally put out three seasons, there’s still lots of plot holes fans want explored. Here’s the five questions the Christmas special has to answer. 

What happened on the fishing trip?

It’s the biggest mystery of the entire show and fans can’t help but want their decade of questions answered. 

When Stacey’s (Joanna Page) brother Jason (Robert Wilfort) turned up on their doorstep after Stacey became engaged to Gavin (Matt Horne) it was clear there was a rift between Jason and Uncle Bryn, with fans still unsure exactly why this is. 

All fans know of the infamous fishing trip is they were on their knees, they did it because it was cold, it is legal in this country [UK] and it defies the laws of gravity.

It seems to be the biggest storyline fans want answers too in the return of the much-loved show as many have taken to Twitter

“My life will be complete when I find out what happened on that fishing trip between Bryn and Jason #GavinAndStacey,” one fan shared.

“What the HELL happened on that fishing trip man #gavinandstacey,” another added.

Ahead of the festive special, Joanna teased on This Morning: “Well you’ll just have to wait and see, there are lots of old things and exciting new things, everything you wanted and loved about it but lots of new stuff.

“Tune in because there might just be a conversation about the fishing trip.”

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Did Smithy and Nessa end up together?

One of the major plot lines in the first three series was the will they/won’t they relationship of Smithy (James Corden) and Nessa (Ruth Jones).

Neil, the baby, was of course the product of the pair’s obvious underlying attraction to each other. 

The last viewers saw of the pair was them seemingly reconciling their differences after Smithy made a dramatic entrance at Nessa and Dave’s (Stefan Rhoddri) wedding as he told her not to marry the coach driver.

Although the series finale seemed to strongly hint the pair had indeed entered into a relationship, fans remain none the wiser if they finally ended up together. 

Has Smithy packed up and left his Essex life behind for a taste of Barry Island? Or could Nessa have made her way to Billericay? Somehow we don’t see it happening. 

Did Pete and Dawn get a divorce?

Although the trailer suggests the pair have, against the odds, managed to stay together, they may well have ended up getting a divorce in the meantime and are trying their hand at their relationship yet again. 

Series three saw the Pete and Dawn renew their vows in a hilarious episode which saw Smithy give the latter away as Pete gave a heartfelt rendition of his vows which were actually Fix You by Coldplay. 

Pete subsequently left his wife horrified when he revealed the “disgusting” eternity ring he had chosen in a TV moment which summed up the pair’s relationship perfectly. 

The duo were constantly bickering and threatening to leave each other but somehow always ended up back in each others arms. 

Will they have managed to maintain their relationship over the last ten years? 

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Is Uncle Bryn on Twitter? 

Uncle Bryn’s love of new technology was often explored in the previous instalments of the show, giving fans some of Rob Brydon’s most iconic scenes.

From his love/hate relationship with his dodgy sat nav, to proudly declaring he was “snowed under” with “17 friends on MySpace,” he’s sure to have more stories of his online ventures. 

Will he have kept up with the 21st century’s latest social media offerings?

We could see him making it big on Twitter and having thousands of followers worldwide as he’s sure to be constantly updating his feed. 

Fans know Bryn had just discovered “The YouTube” back when it was relatively small, so he may of got one step ahead and become a famous vlogger – stranger things have happened! 

Will there be more Gavin and Stacey in the future?

Apart from the fishing trip, it seems to be the biggest question on every fan’s lips – will there be another series to follow?

Long term viewers are crying out for more episodes of the show and the Christmas special could be just the start of more to come. 

At a screening for the upcoming special, creator Ruth Jones told the audience: “I think obviously there is room for it to move on, so all I’m going to say now is, who knows?”

“The honest truth is there are no plans, but I don’t think I could ever say never,” she added.