Lewis Hamilton jokes why he would be happy for Fernando Alonso to return to F1

“Fernando’s obviously a well-accomplished driver.

“It’s interesting to see in the past, obviously, with drivers wanting to come back, like Michael [Schumacher]…

“I haven’t spoken to Fernando so I don’t know how he’s been feeling or how much he’s missed it, but I don’t think it would be bad for the sport.”

However, Hamilton doesn’t want to see Alonso come back to the sport at the expense of a promising young driver.

“Ultimately, there’s a lot of young kids on their way up and there’s only 20 seats, so he has also had his period of time there, but if there’s no other good youngsters coming through then there definitely is space for some that are currently here that probably could be replaced. So I would welcome it,” he added.

source: express.co.uk