Snapchat year in Review 2019: How to find your Year in Review story before 2020

The traditional Snapchat Year in Review can trigger some happy memories of the past 12 months. The popular feature has been available as of last week, allowing users to take a look at all of their favourite snapchat moments. Here is how to find your Snapchat 2019 Year in Review to take a look back at the year before 2020.

Like the previous iterations of Snapchat’s year-end Story, your 2019 video will bundle all users’ favourite snaps into one Snapchat story.

Snapchat described the feature as showcasing memories designed to offer users the best look back on activities, places, and people enjoyed during the year.

Snapchat has confirmed the 2019 Story will only be available for a limited time, although it remains unclear exactly when it will disappear.

Users will, therefore, want to find the story soon as they will not want to miss the chance to review their year in snaps.

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There is no known minimum number of snaps to get the 2019 Story.

So those who have not saved much to Memories or hardly snapped at all this past year may be out of luck.

There is, unfortunately, no way to fix this and there is no loophole to get a story created.

Users will instead have to remember to save Memories in 2020 and wait until the return of Snapchat’s Look Back feature.

Snapchat users who do find their Look Back at 2019 Story can see the number of snaps from 2019 saved in Memories.

They will then be introduced to a fun string of categories, including family, friends and places they have visited.

Snapchat has also confirmed those with plenty of animal snaps can enjoy A Year of Furry Friends added to their story.

The special story will not totally disappear, either.

Once viewed users can save their snap for good in the Stories section in Memories.

This allows users to forward their Snapchat Year in Review to your friends and post it to your public story.