Smash Bros Ultimate: DLC Character news latest ahead of Nintendo Fighters Pass 5 reveal

For now, it’s still unclear which famous character will be featured in Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters Pass 5 DLC.

It’s possible to purchase the Fighters Pass today and receive all five Challenger Packs as each one releases.

So far we have received Joker, who can summon his Persona, Arsene, to immediately power up his attacks for a limited time.

There is also The Hero from the Dragon Quest XI, complete with the Supreme Sword of Light, and Banjo & Kazooie is another recent member of the lineup.

Another surprise inclusion was Terry Bogard, an iconic fighter from the Fatal Fury series of fighting games.

It should also be confirmed that each Challenger Pack contains one new fighter, one new stage, and additional music tracks.

Meanwhile, the Fighters Pass puts together all the additional DLC coming to the game on Nintendo Switch.

But for those Smash Bros fans bored of using the Power Wave and Burning Knuckle, there’s a lot of hype surrounding the Fifth Fighters DLC reveal.

For now, it’s more about who we know won’t be included as the next Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters, than who we do.

There was some hope that Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC would be featured during The Game Awards 2019.

But as everyone who watched the show will know, nothing was revealed for the Nintendo Switch’s top fighting game.

The first character for the Smash Bros Fighters Pass – Joker from Persona 5 – was revealed at the Game Awards event last year.

And this gave rise to plenty of speculation that the TGAs would be the perfect place to learn more about Nintendo’s plans.

One fan did ask TGAs Geoff Keighley why Smash Bros wasn’t featured, with the creator of the show adding a bit of context to how things are scheduled.

“That’s not really a question I can answer, I don’t make the games or set up the schedule of announcements,” Keighley revealed.

“Just because something happened last year doesn’t mean it’s happening this year. It would have been cool for sure!”

So which characters, for now, can we rule out as being part of Super Smash Bros Ultimate Challenger Pack 5?

According to prominent leakers tracking the story, there are plenty of names that can be dismissed at this point.

The Sabi Twitter account, which is known for offering accurate information, has provided this list so far: Ryu Hayabusa, Crash Bandicoot, Doomguy, Geno, Dante, Lloyd/ A Tales of Rep and Sora.

For now, the biggest rumoured characters that Sabi has ruled out are Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu Hayabusa, Crash Bandicoot and Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

Sabi later added: “I’ve only deconfirmed seven or so specific characters, and just clarified what I heard isn’t related to two very niche developers.

“That’s all. I started deconfirming first, and I don’t know enough to back his posts. I’m currently trying to ask a source if Verge is wrong about stuff.”

One recent rumour has linked a prominent Nintendo franchise to a Super Smash Bros Ultimate appearance.

An alleged online leak suggests that Phoenix Wright could be the next Smash Bros DLC character.

Phoenix Wright has yet to be ruled out by leakers, so there is still a chance of there being some truth behind the rumour.