iPhone X Review in 2019 – 10 Reasons to Buy or not buy the iPhone X

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Reasons to buy

1. The form factor is beautiful. Glass all around. It has the smallest chin on any phone I’ve used so far and apart from the notch, I like that Apple did something which was innovative and had so many other android phone manufacturers copying.

2. The display is an OLED display which is very vibrant and saturated.

3. The battery is not the biggest in fact it comes with about 2700 Mah of battery capacity, but before I used the iPhone x, I was using the iPhone 7 and I immediately noticed that the iPhone x lasted way longer than the 7.

4. The cameras. For a long time, I was recording the videos on my channel with the iPhone x, before I bought the Sony mirror less camera I use now. And I can say for a fact that the iPhone x is one of the best video recording phones in the world. Even as at the time of making this video. You can record up to 60fps 4k videos and you can record up to 240 fps for slow motion videos on 1080 p full resolution videos. It also has optional image stabilization built into the camera and this allows you to get very smooth videos without much effort. Plus, it has like one of the best cameras on a phone for taking portrait shots.

5. It has wireless charging capability as well, though it cannot charge fast wirelessly.

6. This phone is waterproof as well. So you should not be you worried if you find yourself in the rain.

Now to the things I don’t like
1. The price. This phone was laughed at 1,000 dollars. So in my hand, I have the kidney of a full grown man and that if his wife. This phone is super expensive. Compared to the iPhone 11 released two years later which has almost everything the iPhone X has and even a better lasting battery and more improved cameras, selling for 700 dollars, this iPhone X is not justified

2. The next thing I hate is that there was no fast charging adapter added to the iPhone X box. Though it’s enabled for fast charging. Even the iPhone 11 which is also enabled for fast charging doesn’t come with a fast charging adapter. Oh apple.

3. There is this weird thing my iPhone X does. The screen moves on its own sometimes. When you are watching a video on YouTube it will begin to move on it’s own and play other videos or like or dislike the video.

4. The iPhone X introduced Face ID. This replaced the fingerprint unlock on the iPhone 7. It’s supposed to be more secure than the fingerprint unlock, but it’s not. I have a colleague at work who is able to unlock another colleagues iPhone X, and they don’t look alike in any way. Also, when it’s lying down on your table, to unlock, you always need to pick it up cos of the angle. This makes it a bit slow for me It would make my day if you followed me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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