PS5 gameplay teaser: First EVER PlayStation 5 gameplay footage revealed

The upcoming PS5 game is called Godfall and is a fantasy loot slasher from Gearbox which is “focused on melee combat”.

The TGA trailer for Godfall showed in-engine footage, but since then gameplay footage of the PS5 title has also emerged.

The short snipped of in-game footage was revealed in a post by PlayStation Lifestyle who did an interview with Godfall’s creative director Keith Lee.

The short PS5 gameplay footage merely shows a small part of a melee fight in Godfall, with hefty looking weapons-based combat teased.

Lee said that the Monster Hunter series was an influence on Godfall in terms of the gameplay, pinpointing the fast combos and diverse weapon playstyles.

Explaining what Godfall is about, Lee told PlayStation Lifestyle: “The trailer sets the context at the beginning of the game when you’re about to select your initial playable character.


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