Labour row descends into chaos – Lefties bicker over party forcing Piers Morgan to step in

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan had to intervene to defuse the debate as the panel continued to shout over each other. Grace Blakeley, a Labour activist and Corbynista argued her party only performed badly in the election because of their backing of a second referendum. However, the rest of the Good Morning Britain strongly disagreed with this and did not hold back when disputing the claim.

Mr Morgan asked: “If the policies were that popular why has Jeremy Corbyn just taken one of the biggest political drumming in history?”

Ms Blakeley replied: “If you look at where we lost seats it was because we came out in support of a second referendum.”

Ayesha Hazarika argued: “What about Scotland Grace? What about Scotland?

“Scotland is a Remain country.

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“They didn’t vote for Jeremy Corbyn!”

Ms Blakeley hit back: “What has changed between the 2017 election and this election?

“The policies are broadly the same”

Iain Dale interjected: “The fact that you’ve lost 60 seats because of those mad policies!”

“Right here is the Labour Party’s problem.

“We have all known that this has been the simmering soar at the heart of the Labour party, where there are completely diametric camps.

“There are the Corbynesters and there are the moderates.

“There is nowhere for them to come together.”