Car Insurance UK: This new free app could stop your policy from being invalidated

The revolutionary new app can help road users track their mileage across each journey which will guarantee they provide an accurate reading on insurance applications. The revolutionary AutoTrip app has promised to record every single mile driven by a vehicle and will run in the background to reduce distractions.

These motorists are therefore likely to pay more in car insurance premiums than other road users.

Motorists could lie about their mileage to bring down overall charges but this can lead to devastating consequences.

Compare the Market revealed motorists could find it hard to get covered on a future car insurance policy if they have deliberately attempted to lie.

Mileage must be accurately predicted but this can sometimes be difficult to work out if you have no idea what you might be using.

Those who do not know how many miles they travel a year can work out an average total by adding together things like a daily commute to work and the distance to certain regular social events.

Mileage is also taken at MOT tests and road users can use the figure across every two years to work out an average yearly figure.

However, this can be inaccurate if circumstances have changed which could require road users to use their vehicle more than previous years.

Motorists who overestimate their mileage could avoid invalidating cover but are likely to see car insurance prices dramatically rise.

Data from uSwitch revealed just over half of motorists were not aware giving away wrong information could invalidate their agreement.

The research also highlighted how 27 percent of motorists guessed their mileage in car insurance applications each year.

The survey also found one-fifth of motorists use their MOT certificate to work out their vehicle’s mileage.

uSwitch insurance expert RTod Jones said: “While many of us are guilty of relying on gut feeling when providing our mileage information when applying for a car insurance policy, misjudging the number of miles you drive in a year can have a real impact on your wallet.”

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The new AutoTrip app also comes with a special expenses feature which could save motorists vast sums of money.

All trips can be logged onto a spreadsheet with the average cost of their journey based on the latest HMRC mileage rates.

It means employees can accurately claim for travel expenses down to the exact penny rather than wildly speculating on charges.

The app will also calculate how much VAT companies can reclaim on their fuel expenses in a major benefit for business owners or sole traders.

The group claim to have recorded over 12.4million miles since launching the technology which they say has saved customers 1000s of hours logging trips manually.

James Finlayson, managing Director at Autotrip said: “We’re thrilled to make Autotrip available on iOS and Android.

“Our customers have long asked for this, and we’re excited to bring to market a reliable mileage tracking app that’s suitable for any business size, regardless of whether you’re a self-employed individual or a large fleet with hundreds of drivers.”