Noel Rosa: Who is Noel Rosa – Brazilian singer in Google Doodle today?

Known as the “poet da Vila” (Poet from Vila), Noel was a beloved singer and songwriter from Brazil. His observational style earned him a special place in the history of samba, the popular music of the Brazilian people. Noel was born in the Vila Isabel neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro on this day in 1910, it would have been his 109th Birthday.

He grew up in a musical family and started playing the mandolin at 13 years old, he soon learned to play guitar.

A gifted student, Noel then entered medical school at 1931.

He later had to pick between a career in medicine and music, he chose the latter.

The musician devoted his energy into writing music and created his own style of samba.

He mixed witty lyrics with unpredictable twists and turns of melody, bridging the gap between rural Afro-Brazilian traditions and the sound of urban nightlife.

Noel had his breakthrough with “Com que roupa?” (“With what clothes?”), it became one of the biggest hits in 1931 Brazil and the first of many memorable songs.

Along with his songwriting partner Vadico, he also wrote a series of popular compositions such as “Feitiço da Vila” (“Witchcraft of the Villa”) and “Feitio de Oração” (“In the Form of a Prayer”).

Composing around 260 songs over the duration of eight years, Noel established a body of work that has remained popular to this day.

Noel’s legacy lives on in the hearts of the residents of Rio de Janeiro and samba lovers across the globe.

In 1934, he married his seventeen-year-old neighbour Lindaura Martins.

The musician was known for his original and humours way of seeing life.

During an interview with O Cruzeiro magazine in 1932, Noel was asked: “What relation do you think exists between love and music?”

He replied: “Romeo and Juliet died ignoring it. I think, tough, that the relation is the same that exists between the banana skin and the slipping.”

Noel died in 1937, was a heavy smoker and died of tuberculosis.