Los Angeles Lakers star explains the secret behind LeBron James relationship

Alex Caruso has divulged on his relationship with LeBron James since breaking through at the Los Angeles Lakers. Caruso had been a pit-part player for the Lakers over the past two seasons, but it was at the end of last season which saw him break through as an immediate fan-favourite.

He was rewarded with a two-year, $5.5million contract this past summer and he has played a key role in the second unit so far this campaign.

Part of his success has been down to the current team embracing his skill set, with LeBron James leading the way in building a strong team unit.

It’s not been easy for players in the past to command the respect of James, with the four-time MVP wanting to be with players capable of winning a championship.

And Caruso, who scored a season-high 16 points in the latest win over the Minnesota Timberwolves, has opened up on why he feels he has been a good it alongside James.

“I think he just appreciates the way I go about business. I play really hard,” he told Mike Trudel.

“He knows that I’m a cerebral player, that I understand the game, I understand spacing and how to set screens to get guys open.

“A lot of that stuff is beneficial for him, because I’m usually the guy being guarded by the smallest player.

“So at the end of games, I’m (often) in the actions to get him open.

“But ultimately, I think he just appreciates the competitiveness; he wants to win, he’s a really, really competitive guy, and at the end of the day, that’s probably my best attribute.

“I play hard, and I compete, and that’s a reciprocated respect kind of thing.”

The Lakers (21-3) return to action tomorrow evening against the Orlando Magic in the first of a five-game road trip against teams in the Eastern Conference.

source: express.co.uk