Teresa Giudice Reveals She And Joe Tried To Have A Son Via IVF – Here’s What Ended Up Happening!

As fans of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills know, Teresa and Joe Giudice share no less than four daughters together! That being said, it makes sense that, while they love the girls a lot, they also wanted a baby boy!

Now, Teresa opened up about that during the show’s latest episode, telling her fellow castmates that she even used IVF to try and conceive a son!

Apparently, this happened before their youngest, 10 year old Ariana was born so at the time, they had three daughters.

As for what happened with the IVF, Teresa explained to her co-stars that ‘We tried to have a boy. We did the in vitro. They put three embryos in me. I didn’t even get pregnant.’

And because they could not conceive at the time before welcoming Adriana, the now-estranged pair decided to just stop the IVF treatment.

So they chose to just ‘do it the natural way. And we did it and it was Adriana, another girl. So we weren’t meant to have a boy.’

The episode also started with the pair going to the gynecologist to check if there was even a possibility that she could get pregnant again.

Melissa had revealed not too long prior that she and Joe were interested in bringing another baby into the world since she was 40 and the kids were also getting quite older.


The point is that she could feel her biological clock ticking so she really felt like it was the time to add a new member to the family!

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source: celebrityinsider.org