Floppy disk with Steve Jobs' signature valued at $7,500 – CNET


Jobs was not a prolific autograph signer.

RR Auctions

How much is Steve Jobs’ signature worth? More than a top-end 16-inch MacBook Pro and an iPhone 11 Pro Max combined, apparently. Auction house RR Auction has put up a floppy disk signed by the late Apple co-founder for sale — with an estimated value of $7,500.

The floppy disk in question contains Macintosh System Tools 6.0 software. That dates it to around 1988. The disk is especially valuable, RR Auction claims, because Jobs was not a prolific autograph signer.

“A hugely desirable format for Jobs’ seldom-seen autograph — known as a reluctant signer, he often declined to comply with the requests of collectors,” reads part of the item description.

RR Auction’s estimate looks to be fairly on the money. The top bid currently stands at just over $5,000, and there’s still a full week left to go until the auction ends. It wouldn’t be the highest price paid for Jobs-signature memorabilia: In September a Jobs-signed poster for the original Toy Story sold for over $30,000.

source: cnet.com