New Gran Turismo x Lamborghini Collab Looks Like A Batmobile From 2076

This is Lamborghini’s Vision GT, a new car unveiled in the flesh tonight at the Gran Turismo Championship World Finals in Monaco. It looks like something Bruce Wayne would take to an open track day, but despite this physical unveiling, the car is actually only going to be made digitally inside Gran Turismo Sport.

The Vision GT is envisaged as a single-seat racer with a hybrid V12, which drivers climb into like a fighter jet and which displays its information not on screens or panels, but by projecting it into the air around the driver’s head.

It’s coming to the game in Spring 2020.

This if course isn’t the first time GT has done something like this. Previous GT Vision cars from just 2019 include this Jag:

While in 2017 McLaren designed this: