Fortnite Dance at Pipeman, Hayman and Timber Tent challenge map locations REVEALED

Fortnite Trick Shot challenges in full…

• Eliminations while at 50 Health or less (2)

• Consume Forage apples at The Orchard (3)

• Eliminations at Weeping Woods or a Landmark (3)

• Dance at the Pipeman, the Hayman, and the Timber Tent (1)

• Gain Health with a Small Fry, a Flopper and a Slurp Fish (1)

• Eliminations with Pistols (3)

• Visit Named Locations in a single match (3)

• Damage with Shotguns (500)

• Save yourself from fall damage by landing in a Hideout (1)

• Heal yourself within 10 seconds after taking damage from an opponent (1)

• Search the hidden ‘T’ in the Trick Shot Loading Screen (1)