Sian Lloyd apologises after sparking outrage with ‘holocaust’ tweet

Former weather presenter Sian Lloyd, 61, has apologised after comparing a traffic jam in her town to the holocaust on Twitter. After her tweet sparked outrage online, she deleted it and went on to apologise over causing any offence and admitted it was “a big mistake”.

The original tweet read: “Yet another traffic holocaust in Swansea today. 

“Probs the worst ever. Over 1 HOUR to get to the Village Hotel from Mumbles. Took sis 1 hr 40 mins to Neath earlier. 

“Everything is wrong about traffic management in Swansea.”

The Holocaust historically refers to the murder of millions in concentration camps across Germany during World War Two. 

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Sian deleted the tweet yesterday afternoon and since apologised over a series of tweets. 

In one she said that she is half Jewish and that she had meant the “noun” of Holocaust rather than the “historical noun”. 

She tweeted: “I’ve been & I’m half Jewish. I wrote & mean the noun with a small h, a bona fide word, and not the awful historical noun with a big H. 

“A big mistake to have used that noun. So sorry to have offended folk.”

Another unimpressed user wrote: “Such a shame you had to sit in some traffic, fail to see where the comparison to the death of 6 million Jews comes in though.”

One user rushed to Sian’s defence, and asked “can people lay off Sian now, she made a mistake and has apologised so move on peeps eh?”

Sian replied to the user by admitted that her description had been “stupid”.

She wrote: “Thank you Barry. It was a stupid description. I am mortified and never intended to refer to the actual Holocaust. How naive am I.”