Chris Evans, 53, told his Virgin Radio listeners that his wife, Natasha Shishmanian, 39, cancelled her food subscription to a company after finding out how much plastic packaging they was using. She ordered six weeks-worth of plant based products that came wrapped up in “too much” plastic, and he agreed with her decision.

Chris called the usage “ridiculous” and was happy when Natasha made the decision to cancel the subscription straight away.

Scientists have been issuing warnings that we’re getting to the ‘act now or pay later’ stage, as global warming is slowly but surely destroying our planet.

There are lots of people doing their bit to help reduce their plastic waste dramatically, including big chain stores who are taking steps to cut down all unnecessary plastic packaging and opting for sustainable materials that can be recycled easily.

But some companies haven’t started to do so.

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“My wife last week, bless her, spent a small fortune with this company getting all the ingredients you need for a plant based week of food,” Chris detailed.

“And it all arrived – day one and she’d ordered six weeks-worth, so over six weeks.”

“She said ‘this has got to stop’ so she cancelled the subscription straight away because of the plastic that it came in, the packaging it came in,” he confessed that he wasn’t the only one unimpressed with the amount of waste that came with the food.

The majority of plastic materials we use on a daily basis can take centuries to degrade, with a lot of it still in landfill in the UK – and we’re still consuming more.

“It’s like, ‘hang on a minute, this is terrible’!” Chris exclaimed.

“There’s no use looking after ourselves – it took a van to deliver two day’s worth of shopping,” he said, bewildered.

Natasha isn’t the only person to cancel a subscription to a company that uses unnecessary packaging.

“We had that, we stopped it for the same reason,” Vassos admitted as he agreed with her decision: “You have a little bit of rice in a massive little thing of plastic!”

“It’s ridiculous!” Chris said.

“It’s not only that, but the separate herbs also have their own single use plastic containers.”

When Chris was hosting BBC Radio Two last year, they ran a short story competition and Oxford University Press found that ‘plastic’ was the most used word.

With over 134,790 entries, they found it was a 100% increase compared to 2017.

Chris revealed the results on his show and was proud that children seemed to be demonstrating an awareness and passion for environmental issues: “Plastic is a fantastic Word of the Year!

“It really shows just how incredibly engaged with and how much the young people in Britain today care about the world around them.”

If you’d like to know more about how you can reduce your plastic waste, you can visit:

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