It may be a hard time when it comes to choose the best mattress because there are too many variations of mattress that may confuse you when selecting the right mattress for yourself. Luckily, you can check out Bedding Pal for the recommendations of the best mattress that are available in the market. In this article, we will go through some important features you may need to consider before purchasing a new mattress.

What type of mattress do you need?

Different people will have different personal preferences. With so many variations of mattress types, this can often be a tough choice to make. However, there is no need to worry as I have broken down the most common mattress types to aid your journey in choosing the best mattress for you.

Memory Foam

Known for great support, pressure relief and body contouring. Historically, memory foam mattresses have had a bad reputation for sleeping hot. However, many newer more advanced memory foam mattresses have been designed with superior cooling properties which create a much cooler mattress than traditional memory foam mattresses.


One of the most popular and widely used mattress types, innerspring mattresses usually have layers of spring coils that provide support and comfort to the mattress. Innerspring mattresses are known for their affordability, support, comfort and durability. The downside to innerspring is perhaps the noise it makes.


Built exclusively from latex foam, these mattresses are known for their cooling properties and comfort. Latex is known for its great responsiveness, comfort, bounce and cooling effects. Though it offers a great sleeping experience, it does come with a heavier price tag than memory foam and innerspring mattresses.


Falling into a plethora of categories such as innerspring, latex, memory foam, hybrid and etc. These mattresses have a layer of soft material either stuffed or sewn into the cover to provide extra comfort.


Usually constructed from a combination of latex, memory foam, innerspring and/or other materials. Hybrids are designed to maximise certain benefits and minimizes cons.

I.e latex + memory foam hybrid is able to deliver great bounce, cooling and responsiveness from the latex and provide great pressure relief and support from the memory foam.


Price doesn’t equate to quality.

When purchasing a mattress, it would be great if you have a starting budget of around $1000. This price point puts you in the luxury end of the online mattress market. If you think that some of these online options are somehow worse than in-store ones, you are badly mistaken. Stores tend to inflate the prices as much as 1000%.


How firm should your mattress be? This is one of the difficult questions in selecting a mattress as your definition of soft, medium and firm is highly subjective. Do not confuse support with firmness, a mattress with good support only has to keep your spine in proper alignment without creating pressure points. It does not have to be a firm mattress!

In choosing a mattress that has the right firmness for you, your sleeping position is a key determining factor.

Side sleepers – You would want a soft to medium mattress

Back sleepers – You would want a medium-soft to medium mattress

Stomach sleepers – You would want a medium-firm to firm mattress

What’s your weight?

Weight may not seem important, but it is actually crucial in choosing the best mattress for you. The sinkage especially is affected by how much you weigh.

150 pounds or less (Light) – You would want a medium-soft to medium mattress

150 to 200 pounds (Sweet spot) – You would want a medium to medium-firm mattress.

200 pounds or more (Heavy) – You would want a soft to medium-soft firmness mattress

Motion Transfer

Mattresses that cannot absorb movements are something you don’t want. If you or your partner tend to change positions a lot during sleep, it is ideal for you to get a mattress that isolates motion so you and your partner’s sleep aren’t interrupted. In terms of motion transfer, you might want to look for memory foam mattresses as they are known to provide exceptional motion isolation.


I can’t stress on this enough, just because a mattress comes with a bank-breaking price tag, it doesn’t mean that the mattress is a good quality mattress. Some materials will naturally wear our faster than others, depending on how they were formulated and placed.

You would want to look out for latex materials if you want a very durable mattress. Innerspring mattresses though traditional, does a great job in terms of durability as well.


Choosing a mattress with a universal feel that can adapt to changing bodies or differing preferences is key. If a bed can accommodate your changing size or sleep positions, it will definitely enhance its long-term value.


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