Batman: Joaquin Phoenix's Joker $1 billion box office tops Heath Ledger’s The Dark Knight

Joaquin Phoenix’s Clown Prince of Crime is now King of the Jokers. The 45-year-old star’s $62.5 million budget movie topped $1 billion at the box office last week.

Joker is only the fourth DC movie to top $1 billion for Warner Bros, after Aquaman, The Dark Knight Rises and The Dark Knight.

And now Phoenix’s incarnation has topped the latter’s Heath Ledger.

According to Box Office Mojo, Joker is currently on $1.018 billion worldwide, while The Dark Knight finished its run on $1.004 billion.

But the end isn’t in sight just yet, with The Dark Knight Rises total of $1.081 billion not too far away.

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Similarly, Aquaman sits comfortably on $1.148 billion as the highest-grossing DC movie of all time.

Nevertheless, Joker could possibly still get there depending on how it does over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, the new movie has already broken some impressive box office records.

Not only is Joker the most profitable comic book movie of all time, but the first R-rated (15 certificate) movie to break $1 billion.

No doubt both blockbuster sequels, although not R-rated, would have been formidable competition for Joker.

Now considering the huge success of the movie, no doubt Warner Bros will be nudging Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix to make a sequel.

On the possibility, the director told The Times: “It couldn’t just be this wild and crazy movie about the Clown Prince of Crime.

“It would have to have some thematic resonance in a similar way that [Joker] does.”

He continued: “Because I think that’s ultimately why the movie connected, it’s what’s going on underneath.

“So many movies are about the spark, and this is about the powder.

“If you could capture that again in a real way, that would be interesting.”

Joker is out now.