Star Wars 9: Rise of Skywalker Leia moment EXPLAINED? Is this what's going on in trailer?

“Since we know most, if not all, material for Leia’s appearance in TROS will be taken from TFA, could it be that this scene, which happens after R2D2 comes back to life and shows Leia silently mourning Han Solo while looking down, might have originally been Leia looking at the medal?” Reddit user Tiny_Cantaloupe wondered.

They went on to speculate that the scene could’ve been cut from The Force Awakens because there was no explanation as to why Leia had the medal with her after Han’s death.

“Maybe they cut it because it was weird that she just happened to have the medal laying around,” they wrote.

“There is no other specific scene in TFA (correct me if I’m wrong) where this moment could have happened.