Rochelle, 30, joined host Sunday Brunch hosts Tim Lovejoy, 51, and Simon Rimmer, 56, following the first episode of her quiz show The Hit List on BBC, which aired last night. As the Channel 4 show got underway, it was clear something had happened with regards to the presenter’s wardrobe as she was seen in two completely different outfits.

When the programme got underway this morning, the chart-topping star was seen in a white t-shirt and an oversized denim jacket.

However following an advertisement break, Rochelle was seen in black jeans and a brown, long sleeved t-shirt when she joined the hosts in the studio kitchen.

One feature of the top meant her thumbs were separated from the rest of the fingers on a gloved like sleeve pattern.

Simon remarked her attire wasn’t appropriate for helping with the food preparation, leading the quiz show presenter to explain she suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

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Showing the predicament with her outfit choice to the camera, Rochelle said: “This isn’t very good, is it?

“I’m all trapped, she declared, as the other guests could be heard laughing off screen.

Simon interjected and told his assistant she’d made a “poor wardrobe choice” as she tried to untangle her hands from the sleeves.

“You might have noticed I got changed,” the singer hit back.

One posted: “Rochelle going to show you how to wear wool for a winter wardrobe?? #sundaybrunch.”

Later on in the show, the hosts were joined by former soap star Jason Donovan, 51, to discuss his latest projects and Simon made quite the revelation.

As the three converted about the past, they reflected on how old they were and it emerged the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant was the eldest.

Viewers were shocked by the news and again, took to social media to voice their surprise at the chef being 56 years of age.

“Simon Rimmer is the youngest 56 year old I have seen in a LONG time. What?! I don’t believe it. #SundayBrunch @SundayBrunchC4 @simonrim,” one posted.

Another added: “Simon Rimmer is actually 56. He’s not looking bad for it at all! #SundayBrunch.”

Whilst a third remarked: “Great banter between @JDonOfficial @timlovejoy @simonrim & @chrisevansdj

on the #DogAndBone, when you could hear him – who would have though Simon was the eldest? #SundayBrunch.”

Sunday Brunch continues Sunday at 9.30am on Channel 4.



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