Donald Trump’s unscheduled medical tests yesterday have sparked concern after he spotted visiting a military hospital. However, his visit has been downplayed by his White House team, who insisted that President Trump was getting a head start on his annual physical checkup. The US President was spotted visiting Walter Reed Medical Centre for an unannounced and unspecified medical exam.

Witnesses had earlier spotted the US leader leaving the White House shortly after 2pm.

He was also carrying what looked like a tan rectangle-shaped folder or envelope under his arm.

President Trump entered a black SUV outside the White House and the escort motorcade departed for Walter Reed.

Upon arrival at the hospital, Secret Service’s heavily armed counter-assault team were seen taking up strategic positions.

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Reporters in the White House pool were forbidden to report on President Trump’s departure until he arrived at the military hospital.

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said the exam was an early part of his 2020 annual physical.

The White House has since claimed the President was “healthy and energetic without complaints after a quick exam”.

She said the latest tests were prompted by a “free weekend” in the president’s diary.

During his campaign, the US President infamously produced a letter that said he would be the “healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency”.

However, the White House report did not convince everyone.

One viewer tweeted that the Secret Service officials were “moving much too briskly for a routine checkup”.

A Republican pundit Cheri Jacobs even claimed that the visit was laying the groundwork to resign from the presidency due to health concerns and avoid impeachment. 



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