Cruise ship holidays see passengers living onboard the floating hotels for the length of the trip. There are always a plethora of activities to do aboard which almost every need catered for. However, it’s also crucial that holidayers are happy with their own cabins.

He explained that getting the right cabin can be particularly important for light sleepers.

For those who object to noise while they’re trying to kip there are cabins to avoid.

“Always pay close attention to where your cabin is located!” advised Coulter.

“Cabins directly below the pool deck, nightclub, theatre or bar are subject to loud noise – day and night.


“Also – beware of cabins toward the front of the ship on the lower decks near the engine or the anchor.

“When the ship pulls into port early in the morning, the sound of the anchor slowly dropping will wake even the heaviest of sleepers.

So where should light sleepers aim for cabin-wise if they want to get a good night’s sleep?

Coulter advises that those who struggle with slumber may want to go for an inside cabin.

“Some light sleepers experience the best sleep of their lives in an inside cabin – where there is no natural light.

“You can be lulled to sleep by the motion of the waves while resting in absolute darkness.”

However, if the idea of no natural light coming though is unappealing there is another solution.

“Others need natural light and choose an oceanview or balcony cabin on a higher deck,” said Coulter.

Bad nights’ sleep and feeling tired for the holiday aren’t the only unpleasant consequences of picking the wrong cabin.

Cruisers who are prone to feeling seasick when out on water may suffer. There are certain locations on a cruise ship which are better than others for this malady.

“If you are prone to (or worried about) getting seasick, choose a cabin toward the middle of the ship on the lowest deck you can find,” said Coulter.

“We also suggest getting access to fresh air, so choose a balcony cabin if it fits your budget, but still look for the lowest and most centralised balcony cabin available.

“Cabins on the highest decks and those towards the very front and very back of the ship tend to feel the motion of the waves the most.”



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