Nene Leakes Is Officially Back — RHOA Star Says The ‘Real Premiere’ Starts Sunday

There has been a lot of speculation as to why Nene Leakes started filming later than the other Real Housewives of Atlanta stars. However, the self-proclaimed Queen of RHOA is back this Sunday and she wants everyone to know it.

Last season was bittersweet for the Broadway star. Her husband was battling colon cancer and Nene was heavily criticized by both co-stars and viewers for making it about her.

Since then, it has been explained that cancer just doesn’t affect the patient — but also those around them.

Leakes took to Instagram with a message for critics to announce her return and throw a little shade at her castmates.

‘Now that the pre-show has ended, The REAL PREMIERE starts SUNDAY at 8pm on @bravotv…..With existing relationship issues and having people not understanding the role and toll it takes on the care giver, threw our relationship into an emotional roller coaster! We both cried, cussed, slammed doors and prayed. We’re in a marriage so what happens to him, happens to me! If you support 1, you gotta support the other! For anyone to say i was making his cancer about me, has no heart at all and clearly has no understanding about what cancer does to a family. My tears were not for me, they were for him.’

Her comment section was filled with fans who claimed that they didn’t watch the first two episodes because she wasn’t in them but they sure will be tuning in this Sunday.

The episode will surround Nene and Cynthia’s ongoing feud. The two haven’t spoken since the reunion show where they argued about Cynthia’s intentions on inviting Kenya Moore to her party without telling Nene.

The frenemies will have to unite on the Bravo float for the NYC Pride Parade.


How do you think this confrontation will go? Did you like the first two episodes of the new season?

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