Dear concerned reader, it seems you’ve been faced with a tar belt in Death Stranding and you don’t know how to cross it. Don’t worry, I’ve been there myself. It was a late October evening and I too was stumped on what to do with Sam as he looked out onto a sea of gooey black ectoplasm. 

I don’t want to admit quite how long I was stood here in a state of complete cluelessness, so there’s no judgment here. Read on and you shall learn how to cross the Death Stranding tar belt, without getting much black goo all over your shoes.

How to get to the Death Stranding tar belt

Death Stranding on PC

(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

The Death Stranding PC release date isn’t until early summer 2020, but we’re getting a head start with the console version to give you the best advice ahead of the PC launch.



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