Be our next hardware editor

We’ve just opened up a big job on our team: Hardware Lead. If you’re an experienced writer and editor with strong feelings about hardware components, who’s built countless PCs, and who loves managing sprawling projects with a hardworking, global gang of PC gamers, we’d love to hear from you.

Hardware is at the center of what it means to be a PC gamer, whether you’re building or buying it. The relationship we have with our gear is personal, and we want someone with tons of enthusiasm and bright ideas about publishing stuff that empowers readers to get the most out of their hobby. This is an opportunity to own the vision of PC Gamer’s hardware coverage and work with a great team to execute it.

There’s a lot more details to share about the reviews, buying guides, deals, news, and other coverage you’ll be helping to write and direct. Apply now and read a full description of the job here. 

For this position we’re cool with considering remote applicants—about two-thirds of PC Gamer works remotely—but the nature of this job means you’ll be managing some amount of gear and components, so bonus points if you’re able to join us in New York City or Bath, UK where we’ve got plenty of bench space for all those GPUs. Plus, you’d get to hang out with our friends from GamesRadar, TechRadar, Total Film,, and a bunch of other publications.

If you’ve got questions about the position, hit me directly at [email protected]