Noah Centineo was in attendance at the People’s Choice Awards and even got recognized for his role in The Perfect Date! But as he was accepting the award for Comedy Movie Star of 2019, the actor showed up on stage in crutches!

Noah was definitely taken aback when his name was announced but fans were even more so when they saw that he was making his way to the stage very slowly and with the help of actress and the event’s presenter, Sarah Hyland.

Some really had no idea why he was wearing a leg brace or using crutches so they were instantly worried to see him like this.

It turns out that the star, while playing basketball with his pals not too long ago, ended up dislocating his knee. Ouch!

As a result, he actually needed knee replacement surgery and now, in the aftermath, he is required to wear a leg brace until it heals.

As for his acceptance speech, Noah was really surprised to receive the award.

‘I guess I’m funny? I didn’t know that,’ he told the audience.

The young actor went on to admit that he still finds it really difficult to speak at awards shows or to be at the center of attention, in general.

‘This never gets easier, to anyone watching at home. It’s always so nerve-wracking, you’re like, ‘Uhhh, oh my god, people! And I’ve got to talk and I’ve got to say things!’’


Of course, he could not have accepted the award without also thanking his fans who ‘are the reason that I have a platform that I can help hopefully make the world a bit of a better place. It matters not what you’ve done, but what you do with what you’ve done for others, thank you.’

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