The former FLOTUS told Marie Claire about the moment she realised Barack was the one for her. The realisation came during their early working years, when the pair tolled away at a law firm together.

Although Michelle initially didn’t want to pursue Barack, she came to realise that he was the man for her.

She said: “Well, I initially resisted Barack because I was his summer adviser and he was a first-year summer associate, and I thought it would be tacky for us to go out.

“But then I got to know him and learn about his family, his strong values — and he was persistent and cute.

“So, here we are!”

Michelle and Barack met at the law firm, Sidley & Austin, in Chicago.

At the firm, she worked on marketing an intellectual property law,.

Although she still holds her law license, she no longer needs it for work and has kept it inactive on an involuntary basis since 1993.

In the same interview, Michelle opened up about the harsh lessons her parents taught her to pass on to her children.

JUST INMichelle Obama: Ex-FLOTUS reveals how Barack made decision for her

“Barack and I pass those same lessons along to our daughters.

“And I think this campaign has illustrated how far we’ve come as a country to overcome prejudices.

“It was empowering and remarkable to see Barack and Hillary Clinton — an African-American and a woman — achieve as much as they have.”

She grew up in Chicago with her brother and family.

Currently, Michelle is back in the area as she promotes work being carried out by the Obama Foundation charity, which was set up by herself and Barack.

In a tweet she described the emotion of taking to the stage with her brother to talk about the state.

She wrote: “Chicago will always be home for me and my big brother.

“I loved sitting down with @CraigMalRob at the #ObamaSummit to talk about the place where we grew up—and the future we want to help build for the next generation.”

The tweet garnered hundreds of interactions, with many urging Michelle to run for presidency in 2020.

One wrote: “It’s so true, no matter where we roam our hometown is always in our hearts.

“You and your family are also in our hearts as the best First Family ever.

“Oh for the days of ‘No drama Obama’.”

Michelle and Barack first took office in 2008 with their leaving Washington DC eight years later.



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