Video shows boy on minibike fatally struck by speeding police car

A graphic dashcam video released this week shows a patrol car driven by a Michigan sheriff’s deputy hit an 11-year-old boy on a minibike.

The boy, Norman Hood Jr., died as a result of the accident on May 28 in Battle Creek, about 120 miles west of Detroit.

The Calhoun County sheriff’s deputy who fatally struck the child was responding to a report of a possible burglary, traveling at 66 miles per hour — about double the speed limit — and driving without flashing lights or a siren, according to an investigation report by the Jackson County prosecutor’s office, a copy of which was obtained by NBC News.

The investigation found that “is not responsible for a criminal act” and will not face charges.

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“It is my opinion that this was a tragic accident,” said Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney Jerard Jarzynka.

Jarzynka said the deputy, who has not been publicly identified, was responding to a 911 call at the time of the traffic crash and that in such a situation, a police officer can “legally exceed the speed limit to perform his duties.”

Norman’s mother, Christina Valadez, told NBC News that she believes officials are blaming her son for his death.

“I don’t think the officer was looking at the road because if he was looking at the road, he could have hit the brakes, he could have swerved,” Valadez said Friday.

She also said the deputy’s not having his flashing lights or siren on made should be addressed.

“How can you warn pedestrians you’re traveling at a high rate? How do you expect anyone to know?” she said. “How was he to hear or see the cop coming? How can you not be at fault for that?”

The video released by Michigan State Police shows Norman riding his pocket motorcycle, also known as a minibike.

Investigators said Norman rode into the path of the patrol car.

Valadez said her family are suing the county and the deputy for $25 million.