Welcome to the first of hopefully many quickfire reviews based on the available game workshop PC and console games available. This series is aimed at both old and new titles, giving you a quick overview of what the game is and what you might like or dislike about it.
Please make sure if you want more information to look at some of my more comprehensive reviews!

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  1. Good vid, I like it.
    I'd take out the 'whoosh' sound when you speak about a new subject. I'd just have text come up on the screen and say 'Graphics', for example. It'll give it a bit more structure.

  2. I think this game could have been so much more. I did play it for a bit.. but it just couldn't hold my interest. The story was just ok and the game play was ok..it wasn't boring but it wasn't triple AAA gameplay either

  3. Magnificent review, Hydra! I have been pumping more hours into the game and have started liking it more (Assassin standard sniper rifle is amaaaaazing). I also bought Prophecy 2-3 days ago and have started it. I've actually found its characters and plot to be far more compelling than what we see in Martyr's main storyline; the characters especially. I do wish there was more for me to "do" as the Tech Adept, though…I have 3 of those huge red robots, I summon in 2 sets of stabby little robots, and then I don't do anything except left click for single rifle shots. =/ Oh well. Also, love that Crusader you were using in the video…what were those, dual bolters?


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