Former X Factor star Jaymi Hensley, 29, is said to be “shocked and sore” after his Mercedes crashed into another car and a lorry on the motorway. In pictures obtained by the Daily Mail online, the bumper of the car is smashed, while other parts of the vehicle are pictured scattered across the road.

Following the extent of the damages, his car has been written-off.

A source told the publication: “Jaymi was involved in a serious car accident last night.

“He’s very shocked, sore and recovering – but thankful to still be here and not to have suffered any life threatening injuries.

“It was a very scary situation for him. He was travelling home from work and left in a dreadful state.

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“His car has been written-off and he’s no longer performing in tonight or Saturday’s performance of Joseph on doctor’s orders.”

A spokesperson for the singer has also told the publication he is “thankful to the police and emergency services who attended the scene”.

The incident happened after Jaymi performed in Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in Sheffield.

After the crash, Jaymi was treated at Luton and Dunstable hospital and has no life-threatening injuries.

“And thinking about other people’s feelings, so now it’s time to think about me.

“I think when Josh left before Christmas, me and JJ are not idiots, we know when something has potentially run its course for the time being, I think we all know we did well to stay together for as long as we did.

“Apart from Little Mix, I think we’re the longest serving band to come out of X Factor, without the level of success of JLS or One Direction, so we’ve given it our best shot and it’s time to step back.”

The popstar went on to say there is no “immediate plans” for the quartet to reunite on the stage.



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