KSI pushes Logan Paul at end of heated press conference ahead of rematch

KSI pushed Logan Paul at the end of another heated press conference ahead of their fight on Saturday.

The two YouTube stars go head-to-head for the second time this weekend having done battle last year in Manchester.

This time the fight takes place in Los Angeles as a professional bout, meaning no head guards and 10oz gloves.

Plenty of insults have been traded between the two over the last few weeks and, at the end of a lengthy stare-off that featured plenty of talk, KSI pushed his rival.

Security quickly stepped in to prevent any more physical altercations.

There will be another head-to-head on Friday as the pair weigh in ahead of the bout at the Staples Centre.

The press conference had been typically fiery with insults traded between both camps and Logan Paul is confident of winning.

“We’re prepared for everything, if you want to go six rounds, we can,” he said. “It won’t be good for your health.

“This is personal for me, I want to get this victory in violent fashion. This is the end of a redemption arc which has changed my life.”

But, of course, KSI was not leaving it there: “I now know what it is like to be a pro fighter, it’s tough.

“Mentally, I’ve got through this and realise that I can do this.

“I’m a dog and a fighter, I make sure no matter what I defend what is rightfully mine. I’m defending my legacy!”

source: express.co.uk