The Apprentice 2019 exit: Who was fired from The Apprentice tonight?

BBC series The Apprentice has been heating up as Lord Sugar whittles down the candidates. There was another boardroom bloodbath as the 11 remaining budding entrepreneurs fought for a place in the competition. Here’s a look at who won the task and who was fired from the programme.

Who was fired from The Apprentice tonight?

Iasha Masood was fired from The Apprentice tonight (Wednesday, November 6), leaving just 10 candidates.

Account Manager Iasha was sent packing after the team failed to win the rollercoaster task.

As the AMSTRAD businessman made his decision, he said: “Iasha, too little too late, maybe.”

Lord Sugar went on to tell her: “Accusations flying around, left, right and centre that you don’t do anything. I’m sorry I think it’s a little too late, so Iasha, you’re fired.”

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In the taxi home, Iasha said: “I don’t feel like I was the weakest candidate in that room.

“If I was given a bit more time, I would have been able to show Lord Sugar what I was actually capable of.”

This week the teams were given a mere two days to come up with an amusement park ride concept.

They then went on to pitch the idea with one team coming out on top and the other missing the mark.

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Bakery owner Carina Lepore was the PM for Empower and Recruitment Company owner Scarlett Allen-Horton was the leader of Unison.

Unison’s idea was based on a spaceship in a bid to save the world, while Empower sought to make a record-breaking ride with the most loops in the world and took people backwards.

In the end, all three experts – who had to make a decision on the pitches – chose Empower’s Insomnia rollercoaster as the best proposition.

Empower was sent to dinner high above London, while Unison had to choose who was to blame for the failure of the task.

Scarlett chose to bring back into the boardroom Iasha, librarian Lottie Lion and Sports Management Agency Owner Dean Ahmad.

The gloves came off and the claws came out with Lottie and Dean fighting it out.

After the firing, Lord Sugar decided to flip a coin to decide whether Dean or Lottie would be the project manager on the next task.

Dean called it and was named the PM for the next task, which will see the teams creating an adverting campaign rebranding the country of Finland.

The Apprentice airs on BBC One on Wednesdays at 9pm