Melania Trump humiliation: Surprising Halloween costume of FLOTUS shared online

Grace Curley celebrated the event this year by dressing up as Melania. The US journalist and radio producer for The Howie Carr show took to social media to share her costume. Many took the opportunity to take aim at the First Lady, wife of US President Donald Trump.

Nancy Barry wrote on Twitter: “She does’t look empty enough to pull off the deadness of the First Lady’s soul.”

Another person posted on social media: “That is the scariest costume I have ever seen.”

One Twitter user condemned Grace for dressing up as the First Lady.

He sarcastically posted: “Yeah, an outstanding role model that should be revered. A Great American.”

Jim Novello said: “Nice costume Grace. You nailed the look, voice, and dialect.”

Despite a positive reaction from Twitter users, there were some who did not enjoy Ms Curley’s costume which was also shared on Twitter by Mr Carr.

Pierre Delecto commented on the image, he said: “Obviously he had to describe who she was because we would not have known just by looking.”

Another Twitter user posted: “There is only one Melania.”

Earlier this week Melania and Trump were criticised for their Halloween party after the White House posted a live stream of the event.

Trick-or-treaters were hosted by the Trumps on Monday night as the White House’s South Lawn was transformed into a haunted forest with black trees, hundreds of pumpkins and rolling white fog.

The live stream on Twitter was met with a waves of criticism towards the First Lady and her husband.

One Twitter user wrote on social media: “Finally a celebration they are fit for. Our POTUS and FLOTUS are the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “I’ll admit it has felt scary since he has been in office.”