Game of Thrones: How House of the Dragon could DELAY George RR Martin completing ASOIAF

Game of Thrones creator George RR Martin has a writing order schedule. Earlier this year the 71-year-old revealed he will finish The Winds of Winter and then start the final book in A Song of Ice and Fire, A Dream of Spring with a Dunk & Egg short story in between both of them. After those four projects, he’ll set about on penning the second volume of Fire and Blood, his 300-year history of House Targaryen. But is this plan all about to change?

After all, if House of the Dragon is a success, the showrunners will want the source material from the second volume.

If this is the case, fans could see a rehash of the problem during the production of Game of Thrones, where Martin tried to rush out The Winds of Winter before the show got ahead of his books.

Although to be fair to the author, he has said how he wrote Fire and Blood very quickly, so maybe he could do the same for the second one.

While the other option is that Martin sticks to his writing schedule and gives the House of the Dragon showrunners planned narrative plot points from his unwritten book, just as he did for Game of Thrones.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Martin spoke of the pressure he feels to complete The Winds of Winter amid fan impatience.

Martin said: “A certain portion of them are really impatient and snarky about it.

“You know, you can get one person who posts 150 messages in three days, all of which is ‘Where is Winds of Winter?’

“If any of you go home and post on your Twitter account, ‘Hey I was just at the Chicago Public Library Sandburg Award dinner and George R.R. Martin was there,’ you know by the third message someone will say, well, ‘What the hell is he doing there? Where is Winds of Winter?’ So at this point, it is what it is.

“And, you know, I should probably leave right now and go back [to] writing Winds of Winter.

“It’s very important [to] me to finish A Song of Ice and Fire. I want to finish it. I still have two more books to do, and I want to finish it strong.”