K. Michelle Receives Shade Following Her Latest Statement Involving R. Kelly And T-Pain

K. Michelle triggered a massive debate on social media following the latest statement that she made not too long ago. What she said involves the infamous R. Kelly and the rapper T-Pain.

Check out her message and people’s reactions below.

Someone commented: ‘Disrespectful to put T. Pain in the same sentence. Teddy still has a career and is a good dude, unlike that other brand mentioned in the tweet. 💯’

A follower said: ‘I love @kmichellemusic, but sis no1 gives af what Chester the child molester R.kelly approves of! 🤷🏽‍♂️ Anyway good morning roomies! 😴’

One other person said: ‘R Kelly approved of a lot of things we wouldn’t so….’

Someone had a question: ‘Why is this written like R Kelly is dead? I mean he’s dead to me, but dude is still alive and well. 😂’

One commenter posted this: ‘#DooDooDoo We’re sorry, the black delegates do not recognize the name stated. Check list of approved delegates and try your call again. Message, #WTFYouTalmBout.’

Someone else believes that a better choice would have been Chris Brown: ‘Tpain is talented and had many hits… but he’s not on Chris Brown’s level of excellence.’

Speaking of R. Kelly, if you’re wondering what’s new about the man, it was reported not too long ago that his lawyer, Steven Greenberg, claimed that the singer was absent in the federal court in Chicago on Wednesday.


This was allegedly due to an infection that required him to get his toenail removed.

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