Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host apologises after letting slip family pregnancy news

Chris Evans, 53, was forced to apologise for leaking one of his family member’s pregnancy news during Monday’s Virgin Radio show.

“I made a bit of a family faux pas,” he said on Tuesday. “I have to do a full-on family apology.

“Following yesterday’s show, and trying to remember who I’m on holiday with, I said something I really, really shouldn’t!” Chris cringed: “You know when you over compensate? Well that’s what happened.”

The host and some of his family are currently on holiday in Portugal where he’s broadcasting from a studio based in the Algarve.

“I’ve got to apologise to my family because yesterday I stupidly decided to trip off my tongue who I may be on holiday with,” he began.

“There are so many of us in the same house, so the ankle biters outnumber the grownups, and the unborn ankle biters are threatening to outnumber the grownups and it’s to do with that that there’s a bit of an issue,” he babbled, sheepishly.

Chris then proceeded to give a detailed rundown of his family tree, explaining who he’s currently on holiday with and clearing up any confusion he might have caused during yesterday’s debacle.

“In the middle of all this yesterday I said, ‘oh and Liv is pregnant again!’”

Everything went silent as he thought how to tactfully make things right: “Which she is. But not many people knew about it.”

“So, for that I apologise unreservedly,” he said, before moving on.

The apology comes after he spilt the beans while chatting with bestselling author, Dawn O’Porter about her new book, which will be released this Thursday.

He confessed that the book helped him understand more about his wife: “I learnt a lot about myself reading it, I learnt a lot about my wife’s world as well and I thought I knew pretty much a lot about my wife’s world,” he laughed.

“We’ve had so many discussions and we’ve only had it for two days! We’ve literally talked about little else.”

He went on to describe, in a very complicated way, who had joined him in Portugal.

It was here listeners may have picked up that Chris made a blunder due to the sense of uncertainty in his voice.

The host kept stumbling and tripping over his words and then accidentally revealed his wife’s sister is expecting a baby – something he now regrets.

He announced on Monday’s show: “Liv is pregnant again and I forgot.”

“She got so pregnant so quickly I forgot she was pregnant again, that’s the embarrassing thing!”

We can only assume Chris was told off by his family as soon as he came off-air for announcing the private information, which led to the lengthy family apology.

But we hope the admirable admission was enough to make up for the blunder.

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6.30am on Virgin Radio.