Google Home and Amazon Echo’s long-awaited rival could finally release today

The Google Home and Amazon Echo have cemented themselves as the top two smart speakers, each taking a 20 percent chunk of the worldwide marketshare. Each series of products comes in a number of models that vary in price, features, and audio quality designed to bring a chatty AI assistant into your home and help control any connected home products you happen to have lying around.

Back in August 2018, Samsung announced that it was gearing up to challenge both US tech giants with a smart speaker of its own.

Titled Galaxy Home, the device was pitched as a speaker with premium sound quality and helpful assistant features rolled into one.

And that’s about the last we heard. Since its initial announcement, the Galaxy Home has missed multiple launch dates.

The most recent deadline miss was when it didn’t ship by the end of Samsung’s third financial quarter this year, as the South Korean firm had previously alluded to.

Samsung most recently discussed the state of the Galaxy Home in August. Back then a spokesperson told The Verge it was still hard at work on refining the connected home hardware.

They told the publication: “We’re continuing to refine and enhance the Galaxy Home prior to launch, and look forward to sharing more with Galaxy fans soon.”

Today, Samsung will take to the stage in San Jose for its annual Developer Conference where it could finally release its dormant smart speaker.

Of course, nothing has been officially confirmed by the South Korean tech giant, but what better way to get the speaker out the door when surrounded by people that live and breathe Samsung?

Although a price for the Galaxy Home is unknown, it’s clearly a premium piece of kit.

The hardware boasts a mesh-style exterior with a dark blue finish and the speaker itself sits on three legs, like a tripod.

Samsung has been particularly keen to trump up the audio quality offered by the Galaxy Home. The speaker delivers 360-degree sound and is tuned by Samsung’s audio division, AKG.

And of course, the Galaxy Home is built to do all the smart home things you’d expect, too. The chatty helper Bixby is housed inside and should be able to answer questions and perform a manner of tasks.

However, it’s worth noting that since debuting on the Galaxy S8 back in 2017, Bixby has certainly failed to keep pace with both the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa in terms of its breadth of knowledge and features.

Samsung’s Developer Conference will kick-off at 5pm UK time (that’s 10am in San Jose). DJ Koh will take to the stage for the opening keynote.

Of course, will be covering all the announcements as they happen. So fingers crossed the Galaxy Home makes an appearance!